About DOM

DOM is a hybrid project that combines a residency where artists live and work, a contemporary art exhibition, and an online gallery of works by the artists-in-residence
About DOM
What we do:
  • Residency: we provide artists with time, place, and resources for individual and/or collective work.

  • Exhibition: we open the residency with a month-long exhibition to present the participants. At the end of the month we change the exposition to show the work done during the residency

  • Online gallery: to make the project financially stable and independent, we are actively developing an online gallery that presents the artwork of artists-in-residence.
Why DOM Art Residence is nomadic:
The main difference between our residence and others is a nomadic format – a constant change of residency location. Firstly, the absence of attachment to one place reflects many people’s state in the contemporary socio-political environment.

Secondly, such a model allows us to meet new viewers and investigate new contexts. It matters to us that we extend the invitation to the residency to local artists.

Meanwhile, the DOM’s team lives and works in Barcelona for most of the year.