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This Cookie Policy of Autonomo Cheremisova Irina (hereinafter - "DOM Art Residence") is intended to disclose the procedures followed when collecting information through cookies.

Cookies are small pieces of data that are temporarily stored on your computer or mobile device and enable a more efficient operation of the website at (hereinafter referred to as the Site). The Site is owned by "DOM Art Residence". Based on this data, we make our Site better and more efficient for users.

By continuing to use this Site, you agree to the use of cookies. If you do not wish to use cookies, you can disable them in the security settings of your browser. Disabling cookies should be done for each browser and device used to access the Site. Please note that if the Site's use of cookies is disabled, some features and services of the Site may not be available.

This Policy supplements and is an integral part of the DOM Art Residence USER AGREEMENT posted at the link.

While certain pages of the Site are displayed, some information may be automatically stored on your computer. This information will be in the form of cookies or similar files and will help to improve and optimize the Site in order to better meet your interests.
However, this Site also contains links to other third party web pages for which "DOM Art Residence" is not authorized to monitor privacy policies.

Please be assured that DOM Art Residence will act responsibly and with due care in processing any data and information about you that you have provided to us or that has been provided to us and collected by us in connection with your visit to our Site.

You should also note that any data and information provided to and collected by DOM Art Residence in connection with your visit to this Site may be stored, processed or transmitted by it for the purpose of:

- protect the rights, title and interests of DOM Art Residence and any third parties;
- fulfill legal or regulatory obligations;
- to collect and/or provide massive amounts of statistical data and information about the Site, its visitors or users;
- to communicate effectively and to ensure that the user receives the advertisements that correspond to his/her preferences.

When a user visits this Site, profiling cookies (also called advertising or targeting cookies) allow us to confirm that the user is viewing "DOM Art Residence" advertisements and to show them advertising content that may be of interest to them based on the pages they have visited in the past.


We use cookies in some parts of our Site. Cookies store information on hard disks or in browsers. They allow this Site to keep track of whether users have visited the Site before and to determine which pages of the Site are the most visited (as cookies show which pages are visited by users and for how long). With this data, we can tailor our Site to our users and make it easier for them to navigate. For example, cookies allow us to ensure that the information displayed on our Site during your future visits matches the preferences expressed by you.

We aim to inform our users that they can set their browser to enable or disable cookies, or alert them when a cookie is sent. Each browser is unique, so it is important for you to check how you can change your settings on the browser you use. We advise our users that when the Website is set to use technical cookies, disabling them may affect the functionality of the Website and impair its performance.

Advertising cookies, which may also be persistent, may be placed not only by "DOM Art Residence" (so-called basic cookies) but also by third parties:

-Common cookies
These cookies are directly managed by "DOM Art Residence" as the owner of the website - for these cookies, instructions on how to set and possibly disable them are provided directly by us.

-Secondary cookies
These cookies are managed by third parties (not "DOM Art Residence"). With regard to these cookies, "DOM Art Residence" refers to the instructions for customization and possible deactivation provided directly by the third party in question, redirecting the user (e.g. through a link) to the website of this third party where customization instructions are available.

Finally, "DOM Art Residence" informs users that cookies may differ in their duration of validity and may be temporary or permanent.

Temporary cookies, known as session cookies, are deleted and disappear from the device when the user leaves the Site and closes the browser used for navigation.

In contrast, persistent cookies remain on the device even after the user leaves the Site until they are deleted or expire. Persistent cookies, for example, allow users to find the preferences they set on the Site during future visits (e.g., their list of favorites).

Cookies policy