International Art Residency DOM

is organized by the project team with contributions from external experts. We run it once a year, and the timeframe is one month. A total of 12 artists work and live in the residency simultaneously
What we do:
  • We provide artists with accommodation, cover travel expenses within the EU, and refund the cost of production materials (the estimate is agreed upon individually). Residency does not cover daily allowance or meals;
  • Each time, we suggest working with a specific theme;
  • DOM Art Residence focuses on creating artwork and hosting a final exhibition;
  • We do not set restrictions on media, but we acknowledge that we are not yet equipped to work with high-tech art;
  • Communication is an essential value of our residency; we aim to facilitate new and exciting professional connections for the artists and expect their openness to communication with the local public;
  • The residency will coincide with a group exhibition featuring artwork by artists-in-residence. For each residency, we create a cultural and educational program featuring resident artists and invited experts;
  • There is no application fee;
  • Currently, we do not provide visa support