DOM Art Past Events

DOM Art Residence’s first theme was Censorship and Self-Censorship. We invited artists to explore the force that limits their creative expression in the modern day. Throughout the month, they worked on this specific theme, and the public had the chance to visit the residence, witness the creative process, and meet the artists.
Sitges, November 2023
Past Events

Art Fair

DOM Art Residence presented the project "OUTSIDE," meticulously designed for participation in the HYBRID Madrid Art Fair. "OUTSIDE" epitomized a distinctive site-specific exploration of the intricate nuances of the theme of reality and the intentional divergence from it. The curated works of four distinguished artists—namely Irina Drozd, Juan Priego, Cabanes Fontao, and Rahim El—each adept in diverse materials and techniques, extended an invitation to traverse collectively through an immersive journey of exploration and contemplation within parallel realities
Madrid, March 2024